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DNA Sampling: Taking a DNA Sample

Step 1: Take four (4) color photographs of the horse which clearly indicate all identifying markings from the front, rear and both sides. If no identifying markings are present, please submit a fifth (5th) photograph of a close-up of the face indicating all cowlicks present.

Step 2: For breeding stock, check for the presence of a tattoo number on the inside upper lip and enter it on the Identity Confirmation slip of the sampling kit. As horses age, the tattoo may become illegible. Please include as much of the tattoo as you can determine.

Step 3: Using a clean mane comb, isolate approximately 50 hairs from the mane at the base of the neck (a small grouping of hair approximately the diameter of a pencil). Grasp the mane close to the neck and pull quickly so the roots are included in the sample. DO NOT CUT THE HAIR WITH SCISSORS. For best results, obtain a sample while the mane is completely dry and free of moisture.

Step 3 continued: The hair sample MUST include the hair roots. The genetic material for testing is located in the roots of the hair shaft making it imperative the roots of the hair shaft are included with the sample.

Step 4: Peel back the label on the collection kit.

Step 5: Twist the hair slightly.

Step 6: Place the sample close to the bottom of the label with the roots positioned to the right.

Step 7: Replace the label, pushing down firmly. Fold the left side of the kit at the perforation.

Step 8: Fold the kit in half, with the hair on the inside.

Step 9: Put the sample into the pre-addressed envelope attached to the bottom of the kit. Add postage and mail.

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