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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the deadline to register a Thoroughbred foal?

Thoroughbred foals may be registered at any time provided all requirements listed in the Principal Rules and Requirements of The American Stud Book are satisfied. To avoid late fees, The Jockey Club should receive all materials within 12 months of the date of foaling. Registration fees cover the cost of genetic typing, parentage verification and corrections made to the Certificate of Foal Registration within six (6) months from the date of issuance. Refer to the Fee Schedule for a full description of fees.

2. Why do I not always receive my first name choice for my Thoroughbred?

To avoid confusion on the racetrack and in the breeding industry, The Jockey Club has established Rules for naming Thoroughbreds. These rules help prevent duplication of names already in use or names of horses which enjoyed distinguished careers on the racetrack or breeding farm. All names submitted to The Jockey Club for approval are subjected to stringent review to assure names requested are not similar in spelling or pronunciation to those names already in use. Approximately 450,000 names are unavailable either because they are in current use or protected because of historical significance. However, approximately 75% of first name choices submitted are approved by The Jockey Club. The fastest way to name your Thoroughbred is through Interactive RegistrationTM, which features an Online Names Book which is updated continuously.

3. How is the parentage of my Thoroughbred verified?

In 2001, The Jockey Club switched from blood typing to DNA typing for parentage verification. Although blood typing was state-of-the-art for many years, DNA typing is 99.9% efficacious. This high rate provides the greatest assurance modern science has to offer for the integrity of The American Stud Book. The genetic testing laboratories under contract by The Jockey Club compare the genetic factors present in the sire and dam to those factors present in the foal. These comparisons indicate whether the sire and dam reported do indeed qualify as the sire and dam of the foal.

4. How do I transfer ownership on my horse?

If the horse is already registered, submit a completed Transfer of Ownership form signed by the new owner or agent listing the new ownership information, the horse's name, pedigree and date of purchase.

Forms submitted via Interactive Registration do not require a signature.

If the registration is still in progress and papers have not issued, simply supply the correct ownership information in the spaces provided on the various forms utilized by The Jockey Club. For example, the Live Foal Report and Application for Registration can be used to report the ownership of a horse for which the papers have not yet issued.

The back of the Certificate of Foal Registration provides a number of blank spaces to record transfers of ownership when Thoroughbreds are bought and sold. The Jockey Club encourages all breeders and owners to faithfully record ownership transfers on the back of the Certificate of Foal Registration before the Thoroughbred changes hands.

To assure that future correspondence concerning the Thoroughbred is mailed to the correct address, The Jockey Club encourages owners to report transfers of ownership to the registry by either logging onto Interactive Registration and selecting "Transfer Ownership" or by calling the registry office and requesting a Transfer of Ownership form.

Although the term "ownership" is used, keep in mind The Jockey Club does not purport to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of ownership on Thoroughbreds. Rather, the transfer of ownership information is necessary to assure registry correspondence concerning the Thoroughbred reaches the appropriate parties responsible for transacting business with the registry.

The Jockey Club will not release the ownership information regarding a particular horse unless requested by order of a racing or court authority.

No fee is required to transfer ownership and DO NOT return the Certificate of Foal Registration.

5. How can I replace my horse's papers that were lost?

Complete a duplicate certificate form and submit the following to The Jockey Club:

  • Four (4) color photographs clearly indicating all identifying markings taken from the front, rear and both sides. If no identifying markings are present, please submit a fifth (5th) photograph of a close-up of the face indicating all cowlicks present

  • Bill of sale from owner or other form of proof of ownership.

  • Notarized statement from the owner or authorized agent describing in detail how the certificate of foal registration was lost or destroyed.

  • Duplicate fee (see Fee Schedule).

6. How can I get a pedigree and race record for my horse?

For a free 5-cross pedigree and to order reports such as race records and progeny records, visit, the online Thoroughbred information service of our subsidiary, The Jockey Club Information Systems Inc. (TJCIS). For free entries, results, charts and other information, use the Horse Search feature at, the Thoroughbred industry's official database for racing information.

Need additional information on registering your Thoroughbred? Please contact The Jockey Club Registration Services Department at (859) 224-2700 or 1-800-444-8521.

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