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Recently Released Names

Recently Released Names That Begin with P
Pabouche (IRE) Pachaquil Pache's Ego Pacific Breeze
Pacific Channel Pacific Destiny Pacific Jewel Pacific Missioner
Pacific Prince Pacific Ridge Pacific Storm Pacific Swell
Padawon Paddington Express Paddybdancing Paddy E F
Paddymeboy Paddy Not Patty Paddy O'Kay Paddy O'Prodigy
Paddy Party Paddyryan Paden Pades Royal Baby
Pades Royal Indygo Pades Royal Salute Pades Royal Time Padre Pio
Paga (ARG) Pagan Pagan Love Page by Page
Page McKenney Page Number One Pago Island Pagosa Springs
Paid Admission Paige's Beauty Paiges Magic Man Painted Heart
Painted Honey Painted Ivory Painted Legacy Painted Patchen
Painted Pistol Painted Pride Painted Red Painted Rose
Painted Sunset Paint Her Black Painting Shadows Painting the Sky
Paisley Pegasus Pajama Jo Pajarita Palace Alice
Palace Barista Palace Chalice Palace Dude Palace Episode
Palace Ghost Palace of Nowhere Palace Rythm Paladin's Ace
Palang Palantir Palatial Pale Face Attack
Palla Di Neve Palm Canyon Palmer Bay Palmero
Palmetto Bay Paloma B Paluan Pamela's Slippers
Pammie From Miami Pampered Pampered Cheetah Pam's On Line
Pam'ssummerwind Panamex Pancakesnmilkshake Pandora's Jul
Pandora's Storm Pandowdy Panfila Pangpang Hero
Panico Panorama Panorama Valley Panthera Tigre
Panther Key Panzer Barcelona (VEN) Paola Cristina Papa Archie
Papa Bryant Papa de Gatto Papa Dolce Papa Frank
Papa Frita Papa Got Game Papa G's Lil Angel Papa Gulf
Papa Lupe Papamac Papa Moon Papanick
Papa Pro Paparazzi Girl Papa Royale Papa's Boo Bear
Papa's Grandkids Papa's Lady Papa's Lil Willow Papa's Lookn Fine
Papa's Maggie Papa Sol Papa's Paisley Papasquiaro (MEX)
Papa'ssarahlin Papaw'sdreamphilly Papelin Paper Dollie
Paperless Player Paper Mache Papow Pappa J
Pap Pap London Pappa's Pride Pappas Reign Parade Charade
Parade Float Parade Me Parade of Jeans Parade Story
Parading Quality Paradise Wild Paradizing Paraguana
Paramont Paraskevoulla Parcerito Parcour
Pardon My Excess Pardontori'sfrench Paris Commune Parisi
Parisiana Parisian Flower Parisian Jade Parisian Lace
Parisianprospector Paris Istan Paris Night Paris Noel
Paris Prayer Paris Rose Paris Spending Park Ave
Park Avenue Appeal Park Drive South Parker's Behr Cat Parker's Choice
Parkers Gibsongirl Parker's Jewel Parker's Peggy Sue Parker's Project
Parker Square Parkfield Park Hill Bud Park House
Park Royal Park Walk (IRE) Parmel Landing Parque
Parrish Queen Parry O Pessimist Parsifal Partagas Way
Particleacelerator Parting Kiss Partiro Partly Mocha
Party Barn Party Beach Party Chatter Party Circuit
Party Express Party Planner Party Recker Party Rule
Party Seeker Party Til Sunrise Party Wagon Party With Paris
Pasador Paschal Pascua Pas de Chat
Pashito Pasionaria Paskinel Pass Bye
Pass Dirty Passed the Dance Passing By (GB) Passing Chance
Passing Miner Passing Parade Passing Squall Passing Way
Pass Interception Passionate Cause Passion's Boy Passionsspiele
Passion Talk Pass On Command Pass One Pass Set Hit
Pass the Salt Pasta Giovanni Past Memories Pastor Marsha
Pastor Sam Patched Up Patchy Red Frost Patent Pending
Pateo Do Batel (BRZ) Paterson Hill Path of David Path Resident
Patience Lady Patio Games Patnjohn Pat of Gold
Patricia's Image Patricia's Ticket Patrick Joseph Patrick O'Prado
Patrick Rocks Patrick's Day Patrick's Harp Patriotic Gambler
Patriotic Viva Patriot Luck Patriot Nation Patriot Song
Patriots Rule Patriot Strike Patriots Way Patroller
Patronising (GB) Pat Say Crozier Pat's Gray Ray Pat's Inheritance
Pats Lil Gray Patsy Boyne Patsy's Pride Patsy's Star
Patterson Cross Pat the Bear Patti's Pirate Patti's Regrett
Patton's Passion Patty's Treasure Paubi Shots Paula Gone Wild
Paula O Paula's Grace Pauler Pauline's Princess
Pauls Toy Mountain Pawpaw's Olivia Pax in Terra Pax Romana
Payalon (ARG) Pay and Party Pay Me With Gold Payntons Surprise
Paypats Grace Pay Something Pay the Taxes Pay to Go Home
Paytons Girl Pazmeifucan P B Bolt P B Freud
Pcoaltrain P C Posse P D Flyer P D F Silver Smoke
Peaceadaaction Peace and Serenity Peace Camp Peacefally (IRE)
Peaceful Banking Peaceful Envoy Peaceful Journey (GB) Peaceful Protest
Peacenquiet Peace Officer Peace Pledge Peacheslittlegirl
Peaches n' Brandy Peach Lake Peach Pie Peach Rose
Peach Tree Creek Peachy's Khoka Pea Diddle Peak a Woo
Peanutbuttern'andi Peanutbutter Shake Pea Penny Pearl Commander
Pearl Nation Pearl of Silk Pearloftheorient Pearl of Valor
Pearl of Wisdom Pearl Reward Pearl's Love Pearl's Rule
Pear Shaped Munro Pea Shooter Pro Pebbles and Stones Pebbles Fury
Pebbles Pulpit Peb Hughes Pecadora Peca Jones
Pecos Breeze Pedregal Pedrito G. Pedro Cerrano
Pedro Chicote Peduzzi Peekaboo Breeze Peekabootoyou
Peeta Pee Wee Diablo The Pegasus Book Pegasus' Crown
Pegasusdream Pegasus Flyin High Pegasus Pearl Peggy in Motion
Peggy's Star Peggy Sus Path Pegmatite Peg's Lil' Pita
Peguis Pride Pelago Pele's Flower Pelf
Pelicus Affair Pelorus Pemba Pembroke's Image
Penalty Kill Penalty Pass Pencil Papers Pendenciero
Peneia Penguin Heart Penitent Penitential
Pennant Fever Penn Central Pennetta Pennington Bayou
Pennsyltucky Bill Pennyless Pennys Copper Pennys Quietaurora
Penporium Pensador Pensiero Pentafecta
Peonari Pepe Pepe Pillo Pep Last Dream
Peploe Pepper and Salt Pepper Cali Pepperedcatmoney
Peppering Pepperjack Man Peppermint Cape Peppermint Dreams
Peppermintnchoklit Peppermint Prayer Peppermint Prince Pepper No Salt
Pepper Play Pepper Rose Pepper Shaker D D Pepper Star
Peppery Perceval Percolator Percy's Bluff
Perdido Playboy Perdido Wildcat Perdition Road Peregrino
Perelli Perfeccionada Perfeck Connect Perfect Again
Perfect Alignment Perfectarrangement Perfect Challenge Perfect Colours
Perfect Concern Perfect Connection Perfect Cross Perfect Curls
Perfect Cursive Perfect Disco Perfect Drama Perfect Extension
Perfect Friend Perfect Gem Perfect Gent Perfect Glory
Perfect Heist Perfect Host Perfect Hostess Perfectineveryway
Perfection Tale Perfectisimo Perfect Karma Perfect Light
Perfect Lil Demon Perfectly Awesome Perfectly Fair (GB) Perfectly Prudent
Perfectly Reckless Perfectly Standard Perfect Me Perfect Music
Perfect Neuvieme Perfect Night Perfect Paddy Perfectress
Perfect Revelation Perfect Reward Perfect Roll Perfect Romance
Perfect Saint Perfect Sarah Perfect's Lil Sis Perfect Summer
Perfect Sunset Perfect Tone Perfect Touch Perfect Wind
Perfect World Perhaps Some Drama Perihelion (IRE) Peril Flyer
Perilous Hope Perimele Perimont Perizoso
Perkins First Perky Storm Perla Plateada Perletta
Permanent Wave Permantly Cool Perovskia Perpetua
Perpignan Persian Cat Persinette Persistent Destiny
Persky's Spirit Personable Joe Personal Honor Personal Nightmare
Personal Property Personal Sponsor Personalsweetheart Persuade Me Lady
Peruvian Peruvian Heartbeat Pervoye Maya Pescatore
Petals in the Wind Petegotlucky Peter Junior Pete's Baby
Pete's Fleet Pete's Glory Girl Peteski's Charm Pete's Warrior
Petite Fuego Petite n' Classy Petite Plan Petite Qualities
Petrozillia Petty Gambit Pewter Punch Peyrano (ARG)
Pferd Soldat P G F Miss Sassy B Phangio Phantom Boots
Phantom Heat Phantom Love Phantomsnightmoves Phantom Trip
Pharisee Pharme's Song Pharme's Soul Pharoah in the Sky
Phat Cat Phi Beta Catch Me Philae Philfold
Philip and Giraffe Philips Aly Philjangle Phil Loves Larry
Philly's Gold Philoctetes Philsara Phil's Cocktail
Phil'sfirstfactum Phil's Sunset Phirst Phoebe Phone Saga
Phoroneus Photohound Phrygian Phu Cat
Phyllis's Flag Phyl's Sunday Boy Physic Choice (AUS) Piano Keys
Picadilly Pete Picapeppa Picata's Vow Piccolino
Pic Dixie Piceance Pick a Poppy Pick a Prize
Picked Picketts Corner Picking Petals Pick Istan
Picklemeyer Pickles N Gin Pick Me Please Pick On Me
Pickwick Miss Picky Bits Pic Me for Gold Pico
Picocious Pico's Quest Picozza Picture in My Head
Picture Tube Pidgeon Pied du Roi (IRE) Piercinator
Pierson Pie's First Lady Pillow Talk Time Pilot House
Pindaric Pineal Light Pineapple Express Pinellas Pride
Pinetree Pro Pine Walk Pink and White Pink Chablis
Pink Cupcake Pink Flash Pink Jewels Pink Lipgloss
Pink Martini Pink Sandals Pink's Honor Pink Stiletto
Pinnacle Mountain Pinnacle Peak Pinned Pinot Meunier
Pinotte Pintoresco Pinwheel Pinwheel Champ
Pioneering Native Pioneer Rose Pioneer's Era Pioneer's Storm
Pioneer's Waltz Pioneer Zephyr Piper's Hope Piper's Purse
Piper's Putter Pippilotta Pira Piracicaba (IRE)
Pirate Captain Pirate's Alley Pirellone Piri Piri Fire
Piropo Pirradazis Piscopia (IRE) Pismo Beach
Pistol Packin Papa Pistol Patti Pistol Posse Pistone Steel
Pita Pitbullette Pitch a Penny Pitchfork Mountain
Pitch Perfection Pitz Palu Pizote Solo Placable
Place Lady Place Saint Michel Plain as Day Plain English
Plain Packin Plain Spoken Plan Bid Planet Five
Plank Planking Planned Escape Plan Nine
Plan of Action Plantation Belle Plantingtheseed Plant St. Princess
Plastic Girl Plastic Pearl Plated Platinum Beauty
Platinum Bracelet Platinum Cape Platinum Couple Platinum Edge
Platinum Flipflops Platinum Prince Platinum Princess Platinum Rose
Platinum Sensation Platinum Triangle Platnium Rocket Playa Brava
Play a Cabaret Playa Grande Playa Zaragoza Play Big
Playeroftheyear Players Choice (AUS) Players Court Players Luck
Players Secret Play Fellow Playful Hog Playful Squaw
Playful Whispers Playgirl's Legacy Playing for Keatz Playing It Cool
Playin Tough Play It Now Playme Or Trademe Play Misty For Me (IRE)
Play One for Rena Play One King Playrawan Plays in Peoria
Play That Song Play the Break Play the Favorite Play the Field
Play With Passion Plaza Cafe Plaza de Indias (CHI) Pleadings
Pleasant Appeal Pleasant Cat Tale Pleasant Emily Pleasant Everafter
Pleasant Guest Pleasant Image Pleasantlybdancing Pleasantly Broken
Pleasantly Envious Pleasantly Miranda Pleasantly Saucii Pleasant Sands
Pleasant Scholar Pleasant Star Please Don't Flash Please Forgive Me
Please Play Again Please Release Me Pleasure Principle Pleasure Show
Plenty Big Plenty of Euroears Plenty of Hope Plesant Promise
Plus Perfect Plus Ultra Plutarch Pnut Butter Cookie
Poage's Landing Pocahontas Jones Pocho's Dream Girl Pocketball
Pocketfullapromise Pocketfullofgold Pocket High Pocket Picker
Poda Poddubny Poetic Revenge Poetic Song
Poetic Tone Poets Dance Poets Reason Po Huckie
Point Point After Point Bliss Pointed Gun
Pointed Lady Point Endurance Point Gained Point God
Point Leader Point Liberty Point Load Point Nemo
Pointofcontention Point Reyes Point Runner Point Secret
Points Guy Point to the Till Poised to a Tee Poison Pen
P. O. Jet Poker Player Poker Spot Poker Time
Polar Air Polar Axis Polar Bear Polar Kid
Polebound Policy Change Policy Portfolio Polie Olie
Polishedcollection Polished Rock Polished Up Polish Silk
Political Debate Political Farce Political Gal Political Prophet
Political Rate Political Risk Politicial Wave Politicians Wife
Polka Polka Dot Miss Polka Dot River Polly Ester Pompom
Polly's Passion Polvorosa Pomeroyale Pomeroy Angel
Pomeroy Girl Pomeroy Lady Pomeroy's Package Pomeroys Uprising
Pomme d'Or Pom N Circumstance Pomodoro Pompiao Y Que
Ponche de Leona Poncho Aaron Poncho Grande Ponderway
Ponte Vedra Sky Pontifical Pontius P. Pontoon
Pontotoc Queen Pony Broker Poodle Skirt Poof She's Gone
Pooling Pleasures Poor David Poor O Rod Pop Another Top
Popcorn Popcorn Princess Pop Emotion Pop Fizz Clink
Poplar Point Poppa Stoppa Poppin' Tags Poppy Cloche
Poppy's Double Pop Rocks Lady Pop's Cat Pop's Italian Rose
Pop Tarts Princess Pop the Bubbles Pop the Latch Popular Song
Poquita Senorita Poquita's Regalo Porch Talk Porsche Princess
Portage Lake Portamento Porta Rosa Port Elizabeth
Portent Porteous (GB) Port Headland (AUS) Port of Entry
Porto Seguro Portrerobay Port Roberto Port Suez
Posative Potential Poseidons Pearl Poseidon's Tsunami Poseidon's Way
Posh Cracker Position Limit Positively Sassy Positive Outcome
Posse Belle Posse Man Posse R N Posse's Moonbeam
Possetano Prince Possible Spider Possilicious Potawatomi Doc
Potential Career Potentially Potential Pleasure Potiomkin
Pound Piece (IRE) Pourjedajour Powder Road Power and Grace
Power Corrupt Power Crossing Power Dragon Powerful Sun
Power of Damascus Powerofemotion Power of Faith Power of Thirteen
Power On Power Packet Power Plant Power Sister
Power Slide Powers Prospect Powerstretcher Power to Believe
Pow Wow Charlie Pozo de Fe Prada Shoes Prada Storm
Pradera Prado Forever Prado Royale Prado's Gal
Prado's Smokin Prado's Tune Praetereo Prairie Fever
Prairie Heat Prairie Kitten Prairie Music Prairie Night
Prairie Phantom Prairie Pizzazz Prairie Princess Prairie Rebel
Prairie Schooner Prairy Kat (AUS) Pratfall Prayerandasong
Prayer On a Wing Prayers for Angel Prayerstone Pray in Silence
Pray Lady Pray Preacherman Preacher Roe Preachinatthefire
Preachin' George Preachin to Dewey Preachwithdachoir Preceptor
Preciosa V. Precious Citizen Precious Concern Precious Daughter
Precious Events Precious Legs Precious Lil Angel Precious Lode
Precious Move Precious Polly Precious Style Precious Zeal
Predator Drone Predatory Miss Predictable Predium
Preferences Preferences Girl Preferido Premiere Goldflake
Premiere Warrior Premier Gray Premier Peak Premium One
Premium Wine Present Danger Presenting (GB) Presenting Brown
Presently Zipped Preseus Presidential Air President's Speech
Presly Love Jigg Press Play Pressure Time Preston's Boy
Presumptuous Presumptuous Bear Pretend and Extend Pretoria Light
Pretorian Falls Prettiestbarrnone Prettiestjessyet Prettiest Princess
Prettyasapearl Prettyatthetable Pretty Bodacious Pretty Brilliant
Pretty Bullish Pretty Cherokee Pretty Cindielou Pretty Classy
Pretty Danseur Pretty Elusive Prettygirlelizabet Pretty Gray
Pretty Gredy Pretty Heiress Pretty Is Pretty Pretty Master
Pretty Precious Prettypreciousheir Pretty Priceless Pretty Proud
Pretty Reason Pretty Ricky Pretty Runaway Pretty Slic Chick
Pretty Toni Pretty Two Faced Previous Version Prfktimperfections
Pricedtoperfection Priceless Dancer Priceless Friend Priceless Ray
Priceless Vision Pricey Prada Prickly Joe Pride and Gioia
Pride of Ellerton Pride of Life Pride of Navarone Pride of Stride
Pride Over Under Pride Winner Prilla Le Blanc Prima Attrice
Primary Factor Primary Judge Primary Lady Primary Moment
Prima Sarita Prima Star Prima Storm Prime Catch
Prime Countess Prime Engine Prime Gem Prime Ide
Prime Location Prime Money Prime Pilot Prime Queen
Primera Ministro Prime Rate Prime Time Coyote Primetime Spy
Prime Wine Prim N Classy Primofernando Primordia
Primo Rivera Primo Star (JPN) Primp My Ride Primrose Lane (JPN)
Prince Artie Prince Bedivere Prince Charmant Prince Cox
Prince Derek Prince Doblique Prince Fapiano Prince Isaac
Princely Perfect Princely Warrior Prince of Darkness Prince of Egypt
Prince of Pirates Prince of Prague Prince Ofthe Dawn Princeofthevalley
Prince of Thorns Prince Perfection Prince Ray Princesa Azul
Prince Sabo (GB) Princesa de Guerra Princesadelcaribe Princesa de Plata
Princesa de Roble Princesa Eliana B Princesa Style Princes Nova
Princess Akila Princess Alisha Princess Angelina Princess Arya
Princess Asteria Princess Atoosa Princess Bardot Princess Buddha
Princess Campbell Princess China Bob Princess Chris Princess Dancer
Princess Delores Princess Deputy Princesse Princess Ember
Princess Emily Princess Godiva Princessgraciekaye Princess Harbor
Princess Hero Princess Jubilee Princess Laila Princess Legacy
Princessmackielee Princess Matilda Princess Melania Princess Minerva
Princess Ocean Princess of Cashel Princessofparadise Princess of Power
Princessofthestars Princess Onadell Princess Par Princess Passage
Princess Paster Princess Patsky Princess Paula Princess Pippa
Princess Puff Princess Purrsalot Princess Reagan Princess Rouge
Princess Ruthie Princess Salimah Princess Sela Princess Sequoia
Princess Skylar Princess Talia Princess V. Princess Vronsky
Princess Wettali Princess Wonderful Princess Yeymi Prince Who
Principal Bob Principe Adepto Principe Platino Principes Finale
Principio Printasticat Printemps (CHI) Printingmoney
Print the Media Priscilla S. Prisco Prisita
Prisoner of Love Private Appeal Private Ascot Private Boot
Private Cruise Private Empire Private Ford Private Golden
Private Harbor Private Jackson Private Life Privately Purrfect
Private Parade Private Prospect Private Safe Private Scandal
Private'scheckmark Private Time Private Trick Private Tutor
Private View Private West Prized Diamond Prized Poach
Prized Victoria Prize Native Prize Perfection Probable Storm
Probate Cat Probational Dancer Procrastinator Procryptic
Prodigy's Express Production's Idol Professor Cinch Professor Hartwick
Professor Silver Proficiently Profield Profiler
Profitress Profound Visionary Profuga Projected Cost
Pro Matheus Prom Bootz Pro Meadow Prom Gown
Promiscuous Force Promiseaphonecall Promise Given Promise Glory
Promise Me Pro Promise Me That Promise the Moon Promising Cue
Promotora Prom Princess Proof Positive Propelleroneway
Proper Brass Proper Empire Proper Freud Proper Lady
Proper Proposal Proper Replica Proper Target Prophesy Fulfilled
Prophetinparadise Prophets Cat Proposition Joe Propriano
Proroguing Prosecca Pros N Cons Prospect Drive
Prospect Feature Prospectinforcash Prospecting Road Prospect Meadow
Prospect of Joy Prospector Prospector Bull Prospector d'Oro
Prospectors Band Prospector's Bid Prospectors Girl Prospectors Note
Prospector Squared Prospect Pearl Prospect Point Prospect's Delight
Prospect's Gold Prospects Melody Prospectus Prosperity Run
Protest Song Prototypigal Pro Tribute Proud and Bright
Proud Azteca Proud Beauty Proud Connie Proud Fighter
Proud Flash Proud Flyer Proud Garden Proud Heir
Proud Hunter Proud Lady Proud Lightning Proud Lindsey
Proud Lisa Proud Little Ellie Proud Lu Proud Lucky
Proudly Notised Proudly We Serve Proud Man Proud Manes
Proud Mary Strikes Proud Maybell Proud Music Proud Nicole
Proud of Dalton Proud of Maria Proud Pickles Proud Rose
Proud Roy Proud Soul Proudtobe Proudtobeajones
Proud to Be Free Proud to Say Proud Venezuelan Proud Zip
Prove Proven Worthy Providence Road Provocatively
Provocative Song Provocative Touch Provoking Provoking Cat
Prowling Prowling Around Proxima Proxima Centauris
P R's Orphan Prudhoe Bay Prue Prune
Psychedelia Psychedelicat Psychic Moon Psycho Cat
Psycho Kitty Psycho Man Ptaha P. T. Linnelli
P T's Intomischief Public Market Publishanditerate Puchador
Puchis Pride Puchungo Abar Puckerupandkissme Puck's Best Day
Puddin's Pride Puddy de Luca Pudge's Song Pueblo Star
Puerto Paita Puertorriquenita Puesta Del Sol Puff
Pug's Pearl Puig Pulgas Pulling G's
Pulpit Rules The Pulse Pulse of Hope Pulzarr's Wings
Puma's Pride Pummy Pumpidu Pump Jack
Punch and Beauty Punchess Punch Express Punch It
Punch Rummy Punk Riley Punta Ballena Punta Rosa
Punto Y Aparte Puntrooskie Puny Pura Lica
Purcell Pure Amazement Pure Chrome Pure Cotton
Pure Deal Pure Dreams Pure Energy Pure Fiction
Pure Happiness Pure Iowa Pure Lady Like Pure Lucky
Purely Amazing Purely Excessive Purely Lovely Purely Zbest
Pure Music Purer Than Silk Purest Pleasure Purgenality
Purissima Puritanka Purls Foxey Book Purls Gold Buckle
Purple Iris Purple Paisley Purple Panda Purple Parrot
Purple Patton Purple Plum Purple Smoke Purple Warrior
Purpose Driven Purpurina Purr Class Pursued
Pursuxit Puruquina Push Back Mac Push Come to Shove
Push Girl Pussy Willow Putin On the Glitz Put It Back Jack
Put It Forward Putitonmytab Putsy's Pal Putthefireoutbunny
Puturseatbelton Puzzled Look (GB) Puzzle Dream Puzzling Move
Pyeongchonyeongung Pygmalion Pylortes Pyramid Code
Pyramid Lake Pyrite Grand Slam Pyrite Green Pyrite Lion
Pyrite Tonight Pyro City Pyrois

The Jockey Club released 28,562 names from active use on December 21, 2023, and published them below in an effort to assist owners in identifying an appropriate name for their Thoroughbreds. This list is updated daily to remove names as they are claimed. Owners and breeders should be aware that The Jockey Club regularly upgrades its phonetic software so the possibility exists that a similar-sounding name may already be in use. Names appearing on the recently released names list must be approved by the Jockey Club before use (see Rule 6F of the Principal Rules and Requirements of The American Stud Book).