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Recently Released Names

Recently Released Names That Begin with V
Vaazzee Vaca City Flyer Vacanzie Inn Vaca Sagrada
Vacation Time Vaccinated Vadahilla (FR) Vadoma
Vagabonda Vagabond Prince Vagility Vaguely Amusing
Vaguely Suspect Vague Notion (IRE) Valago Slew Valbenny (IRE)
Valborg Matilda Valdina Crossing Val D' Isere Valdo
Valdosta Love Valdoura (FR) Valdoura's Heat Valedora
Valentine Christie Valentine Day Deal Valentine Night Valentine Verse
Valentine Vixen Valentino Pr Valentinos Journey Valerie Victoria
Valgrave Valiant Angel Valiant Cheyenne Valiant City
Valiant Lad Valiant Pegaszusz Valiant Vixen Valiant Wonder
Valida Validain Valid A. J. Validated Blarney
Valid Court Valid Dude Valid Fun Valid Influence
Valid Invitation Validity Valid Lil Valid Mistress
Valid N Gold Valid Nick Valid Objection Valid Offer
Valid Position Valid Pursuit Valid Return Valid Vow
Valkyria Vall and Jan Vallee des Reves Valley Child
Valley Loot Valley of Sin Valoordo Valor of War
Valovich Val's Diablo Valse Valuable Actor
Valueable Charmer Valueaddedpartner Valued Vow Valuvpoint
Vamos Diego Vamos Van Citra Vandalayindustries Vandalia Vixen
Van Der Hamen (IRE) Van Fleet Vangelo Van Hagar
Vanidad Vanilla Valentine Vanishingjustice Vanjefe
Vanjie Van Lingle Mungo Vanlismar Van's Flying Baby
Van's Flying Girl Vant Van Zandt Vaporize
Vaquero Gold Variable Variable Rate Varvara
Vasilisa the Wise Vasten Vata Thyme V C Charlie
Veblen Good Vees Boy Vee Voom (NZ) Vegas Lights
Vegas Shanghai Vegas Street Veiled Reference Velocita
Velvet Gig Velvet Hammer Velvet Heels Velvet Hope
Velvet Morning Velvet Princessa Velvet Rose Velvettothemax
Velvet Zip Vendisco Veneno Negro Venetia
Venetian Lady Venetian Mask Venezuelan Beauty Venice Queen
Veni Vici Vidi Vennila Appeal Vente Venture Home
Venture Road Venturous (IRE) Venus Star Veraison
Veramente Bella Vera Please Vera's Finally Verbanella
Verdigris Vergennes Verger Vermejo
Vermilion Sea Vermithor Vermont Gilan Vermont Girl
Vernetta Vernice Verniy Verona Blue
Veronica Vero Temerario Verraco Verrronica's Cosmo
Versa Verset King Boy Verset's Charm Verte Dieu (AUS)
Veryberrypolitical Verybrightnshiney Very Easy Very Elegant
Very Humorous Very Laughable Very Tricky Very Unnecessary
Vesta Vestido Vestina's Temper Vesuviana
Vexatious Vixen Vextation V. F. Red Queen Via Appia
Viajar Contigo Vicar Dear Vicar's Dolly Vicereine (GB)
Viciousgrasshopper Vickies Drama Vickie'slilsecret Vicks First Pick
Vicky Ticky Tavie Victoria Beebe Victoriado Victoria Jones
Victorialeeone Victoria Place Victoria Princess Victoria's Delight
Victorias Nosecret Victoriasugrdaddy Victorino Victoriosa
Victorioso Victoriousbeginner Victorious Nation Victor Ols
Victory Call Victory Canyon Victory Circle Victory Cry
Victory Day Victory de Rebecq Victory Face Victory Ground
Victory Is Due Victory Macho Victory Moment Victory Note
Victory Ridge Victory Run Victory Salsa Victory Salute
Victory's Dreamer Victorys Hope Victory Song Victory Touch
Vid's Gold Vienes Aqui Viewfromthepulpit Viewingthegold
Viewy Vigorous Attack Vikette Viking
Viking Princess Viking Spirit Vikki's Honor Vilde
Vilify Villa Bonita Village Green Village Singer
Vim Vincentaron Vincero Frank Vindicated Angel
Vindicate It Vindigree Vinegar Joe Vineland Road
Vineyard Bay Vineyard Storm Vingtcinq Spot Vinifera
Vino Blanco Vino Limbo Tango Vino Rose Grand Vino Scuro
Vinskaia Vintage American Vintage Blend Vintage Matters
Vintners Special Vinz Clortho Violence On Violet Sky (IRE)
Violet Sunset Violette Vionnet Viren's Army (IRE)
Virginia Colony Virginia Native Virgo Rising (GB) Virtual Machine
Virtual Vision Virtuelle Virtuosity Glows Virtuous Lady
Virtuous Wife Visalia Country Viscious Lies Vision of Blue
Vision of Green Visions of Halo Visiontowin Vision to Win It
Visit (GB) Visitador Viski Viskihasthewhisky
V I Spice Vistaria Vistarose Vita Luna
Vitaminada Vitamin R Vitana Vitello (GB)
Vitola Vitorja Vitruvian Man Vittorioso
Vivacious Annie Viva Empress Viva Lad Viva La Kid
Vivaldi Girl Viva Mexico Vivandiere Viva Slew
Viva Titan Viva Trinity Vivian's Gorgeous Vivian's Rose
Vivid Gold Vivid Image Viviendo El Sueno Vivien's Victor
Vivi's Surprise Vivora Viv's Prospect Vixen Heights
Vizard Vizi Girl V J's Irish Rose Vlob
Vodka Sour Vodka Texted You Vodkatonic Voices Only
Volans Volante Vision Volcanic Heart Volkonsky
Volley Volleyball Red Volta Volterra
Volume Discount Voluntold Vonn's Gold Voodoo Fest
Voodoo Wave Voracious Affair Vote of Confidence Voter
Vote Winner Voule Essere Vow of Love Vow of Secrecy
Vow to Access Vowtodancewithbea Vronsky's Devka Vroomvroomvroom
Vua Saigon Vuelve Pasto Seco Vuelve Pulin V V S Flawless

The Jockey Club released 28,562 names from active use on December 21, 2023, and published them below in an effort to assist owners in identifying an appropriate name for their Thoroughbreds. This list is updated daily to remove names as they are claimed. Owners and breeders should be aware that The Jockey Club regularly upgrades its phonetic software so the possibility exists that a similar-sounding name may already be in use. Names appearing on the recently released names list must be approved by the Jockey Club before use (see Rule 6F of the Principal Rules and Requirements of The American Stud Book).