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Recently Released Names

Recently Released Names That Begin with V
Vacancy Vacation Paradise Vacuna Vader Grade
Vagabond Shoes (IRE) Vagas Sun Vai Malandra Vaine of Gold
Valano Valar Dohaeris Valarone Valash
Valay Jeans Valcav Valdali (IRE) Valde
Valediction Valentina Storm Valentine Magnacat Valentine of Mine
Valentine Secret Valentine's Song Valentine Treat Valentino First
Valentino's Prom Valerie's Dream Valerie's Gift Valet M G
Val Gardena Vali Amour Valiant Attitude Valiant Friend
Valiant Goods Valiant Hour Valiant Nelson Valid Alma
Valid Anthem Valid Blend Valid Bonnet Valid Creek
Valid Danzig Wager Valid Deduction Valid Dorothy Valid Goddess
Valid Heat Valid Hi Teck Valid Jet Valid Match
Valid N Bold Valid Ocean Pass Valid Pressure Valid Princess
Valid Ramirez Valid Review Valid Ruler Valid Space
Valid Stone Valid Sweetheart Valid Triumph Valid Valerie
Valid Will Valija Gitana Val Is Special Vali Vali Bingbang
Valkyra Valley Boy F F Valley of Queens Valley Queen
Valleys Aly Vallonga (GER) Valse Brilliante Val's Heart
Val's Honor Val's Jazz Valsol Valuable Friend
Valuable Lesson Valueable Silver Valued Angel Value Effect
Valueforyourmoney Value Trap Vamanos Vamanos Gift
Vamonos Muchachos Vamoose Vomanoso Vanadium Vanasee
Vanasty Van Basten Vanderburgh Son Vander Gelder
Vanessa Flag Vanessak Vanguard Knight Vanhoose
Vanilla Chai Vanilla Flavor Vanillanilla Vanilla Twist
Vanishing Buck Vanishing Prairie Vanishing Wolf Vanity Royal
Van Mar Vanna Royal Vanquisher Vanrighter
Van R Sammy Vantaggio Van Tassel Vapor of Smoke
Vargas Girl Varick Variety Lady Varitek
Vatican City Vattina Bambino Vaughtski Vaultamore
Vaulted Honor Vaunda Voo Vavazoom V. C. Ali Mac
Vee One Rotate Veggie Soup Veiled Promises Veil of Justice
Velcro Fly Velociraptor Veloz Velozagato
Velvet Curtins Velvet Dancer Velvet Moonlite Velvet's Indianna
Velvet Vow Vena Amoris Vencedora Girl Vendor Financing
Venetian Glass Vengeful Lady Vengeful One Vengeful Pride
Ventaja Dream Vento Arctico Venture Exchange Venture's Finale
Venture World Vent Vert Veorasgothamlady Vera Bella
Verbal Verbier Verde Mont Veritas in Vino
Vermajo River Vermont Kathy Vermonts Poppy Vernaja
Vernvango Verny Vero Beach Veronie
Vero's Hero Verri Fast Versaice Versailles Fox
Versed in Logic Verse's Lion Vert Amande Veruca Salt
Very Best One The Very Best Play Very Classy Betty Very Dry Dancer
Very Expensive Veryhushhush Verylittlepatience Very Lucky Star
Very Popular Very Potent Very Short Fuse Very Special Lady
Very Superstitious Very Unusual Very Very Grateful Very Very Happy
Very Verzy Vespers Via Avenue Via Del Ano
Via Lombardia (IRE) Via Roma Via Sacra Via Santa Patricia
Via Storm Vicarilla Creek Vicariouslyutopian Vice Sized
Vic Indeed Vicious Crook Vickers Ruby Vickey's Echo
Vicki L. Vicki Victoria Vicky's Gold Vic O Honey
Vicokeyra Victor Alexander Victoria D' Patria Victoria Gallops
Victoriahasasecret Victorian Diva Victorian Minister Victorian Silver
Victoria Pool Victoria Regina Victoria's Bid Victoria's Case
Victorica Victorino Victorious Wynn Victorotti
Victor's Queen Victory Bred Victory Elouise Victory Formation
Victory Hour Victory Park Victory Pete Victory Roll
Victory Screamer Victory's Edge Victory Star Victory Unveiled
Victory Way Victory Woman Vicuna Vida's Ruckus
Vienna Affair (GB) Vienna Knickers Viennetta V I Frederikstead
Vig Vigors Storm Vilik Villa Grazioli
Ville Villefranche Villere Vinaceous
Vindigreat Vindi Man Vine Ripened Vineyard's Pick
Vinlear The Vin Man Vino Tinto Vinqtieme
Vintage Quality Viola George Viola Slew Violent Light
Violent Move Violeta La Grande Violet Ransom Violette Honor
Violinista Viramundo Virginia Affair Virginia Ann
Virginia Cavalier Virginia Cherokee Virginia Pepperpot Virginia Plain
Virginia Sunrise Virsito Virtual Silver Virtucky
Virtuous Vow Vi's Fantasy Visionary Man Vision in Flight
Visionist Vision of Jewels Visions in Color Vision Withinreach
Visual Student Vital Laser Vitameatavegamin Vitorio
Vito Sentimiento Vitruvius Vivacious Lady Viva Glam
Vivalafreddie Vivalariva Vivalaslam Viva La Zippy
Viva Terre Vivendi's Journey Vivette Vivian's Dream
Vivian Warrior Vivid Impression Vivi Star Vixen's Lil Lady
Vladkaz Vladykov Vltava V L T Or Bust
Vocational Vodkatariat Vogue Warrior Voice Inside
Voici Carina Voisey Bay Volant Jamie Volcanic Wind
Volcano Run Vol Du Vent Voler Bar Nuit Volga River
Volleyball Chanel Volponi Dragon Volta Voltar
Voluntary Payment Voluptuous Lady Von Carldawn Vonnie
Von Retsnom Vontay Von Trapp Voodoo Baby
Voodoo Daddy Voodoo Jumper Voodoo Lover Voodoo Mama Juju
Voodoo Natalie Voodoo Princess Voodoo Rhythm Voodoo's Argument
Voodo Vodka Vote Often Vote Yes for Love Voucher
Vow of Honor Vow of Victory Voyeur Voy Por Uno Mas
Vozager Vperyod Seryoga Vrouw Maria V T Jules
Vuelta Vuelve Joey C. Vuelve Robertito M Vulcan
Vulcan's Dude Vying for Money Vying Rose

The Jockey Club released 34,720 names from active use on December 20, 2019, and published them below in an effort to assist owners in identifying an appropriate name for their Thoroughbreds. This list is updated daily to remove names as they are claimed. Owners and breeders should be aware that The Jockey Club regularly upgrades its phonetic software so the possibility exists that a similar-sounding name may already be in use. Names appearing on the recently released names list must be approved by the Jockey Club before use (see Rule 6F of the Principal Rules and Requirements of The American Stud Book).