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Recently Released Names

Recently Released Names That Begin with X
Xcaret X Cessive Love Xema Xenry
X F Buckles Xiano Xinantecatl Xing Guang
Xolani Xordinary Prospect X Playboy X Rayeyes
Xsayarsa Xtabi Xtemperence Xtra Dash
Xtra Gold Xtralicous Xtreme Road

The Jockey Club released 38,925 names from active use on December 19, 2018, and published them below in an effort to assist owners in identifying an appropriate name for their Thoroughbreds. This list is updated daily to remove names as they are claimed. Owners and breeders should be aware that The Jockey Club regularly upgrades its phonetic software so the possibility exists that a similar-sounding name may already be in use. Names appearing on the recently released names list must be approved by the Jockey Club before use (see Rule 6F of the Principal Rules and Requirements of The American Stud Book).