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Recently Released Names

Recently Released Names That Begin with Y
Yabbay Yabucoa Yacht Harbor Yacohuu
Yaffe Yagli Yagottaseethabaabe Yahyah
Yakov Ya Lo Viste Yamamoto Yamang Sidae
Ya Mon Yankee Bloom Yankee Con Yankee Fire
Yankee Gambler Yankee Hunter Yankee Jake Yankee Minister
Yankee Miss Yankee Rae Rae Yankee's Milestone Yankee Snow
Yankee Star Yankee Tar Yankee Wildcat Yankie Boy
Yanks Dancer Yaquina Bay Yarbrough Yarella
Yarico's Pond (IRE) Yasmine (IRE) Yasmins Way Ya Te Llamo
Yavrig Ya Wanna Hug Y. C. Tuff Yealo
Year Book Yeehaw Junction Yegam Joeunnal Yegua Creek
Yellow Admiral Yellow Chips Yellowenglishrose Yellow Flag
Yendor Yen for Dollars Yenko Blanco Yeoho
Yeoman Yeomansescape Yes by Gold Yesbygollyimmollii
Yesca Roja Yes He's Clever Yes Hezsocool Yes I Do
Yes I'm Native Yes I'm Vintage Yes It's Betts Yes Its Souperman
Yes Its Stormy Yesmar Yes Mary Yes Master
Yes Or No Crypto Yes Please Mary Yes She's a Cat Yes Sir Mr. Kato
Yesterdaystouch Yes Virginia Yet Again Yet Another Nate
Yo Carm Yo City Lady Yodelers Soul Yodel Lady Who
Yokohama Yolo Mon Yonggam Mussang Yongsan Hwangnyong
Yonka Yon Van Dance Yo Phat York Ranger
Yorona Yossi Youareoursunshine You Are Silly
You Are Star You Bet I'm Wild Youcantblameme Youcan'ttakeme
Youdontwork You Gonna Kiss Me You Got It Yougottabekidding
You Had Me At Halo You'llrememberwhen You Look Neigh You Lucky Dog
Young Dancer Young Dude Young Majesty Young Moon
Young Thunder Your All That You're a Daisy You're Done Son
You're My Destiny Youreoutoforder Youre Speeding Luv Your Irish Lass
Your Move Yournottheone You Rock Yourplaceormine
Your Saint Yoursmineours You R Wonderful You Sleep On That
You Smarty Pants Youth's Last Stand Youvebeenwarned Yoyobelle
Yugiri Yukan Choose Yukies Lil Devil Yukon Johnny
Yukon Tess Yukon Who Yule Yupaha
Yup Got Spun Again Yvetita's Lake

The Jockey Club released 28,562 names from active use on December 21, 2023, and published them below in an effort to assist owners in identifying an appropriate name for their Thoroughbreds. This list is updated daily to remove names as they are claimed. Owners and breeders should be aware that The Jockey Club regularly upgrades its phonetic software so the possibility exists that a similar-sounding name may already be in use. Names appearing on the recently released names list must be approved by the Jockey Club before use (see Rule 6F of the Principal Rules and Requirements of The American Stud Book).