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Horse Name Foaling Year Sex Dam Name
Financial Legacy 2010 Colt Financial Risk
Easy Charm 2010 Colt Tahitian Pearl
Seattle Devil 2010 Colt Amydarling Too
Zoom Zoom Zoom 2011 Colt Trout River Red
Salmon Leap 2010 Colt Louie's Tap Dancer
Monba's Jumpstart 2011 Colt Tricky Indu
White Rabbit 2010 Colt Alison Wonderland
Why Not Me 2011 Colt Made You Blush
The Registrar 2011 Colt Hot Dot
Navy Guard 2010 Colt Fleet Lady
Just the Thing 2010 Colt Smart But Vain
Hebes Guy 2011 Colt Hello Hebe
Tiz a Jungle 2011 Colt Jungle Sun
Heysham 2010 Colt North Lake Jane
Mystical Dreamer 2010 Filly Miss Fanny
Nodrinksforpatrick 2010 Filly Black Irish
Seeking Suki 2010 Filly Coddle Creek
Kay's Song 2010 Filly Miss L. Kay
Scandalous Lass 2010 Filly Lascivious Lass
2012 Filly Revealed
Pretty Belle 2010 Filly Trial Heat
Alberta 2010 Filly Pretty Little
Witch Watch 2010 Filly Marytweet
Thefivesecondrule 2010 Filly Panela
Safari Girl 2010 Filly Lucky Monkey
Daddy's Sweet Girl 2012 Filly Amber Meadow
Catchingthebreeze 2010 Filly Artistic Express
Blazen Grace 2011 Filly Rachel's Grace
Rust Tully 2010 Filly In a Haze
Rapidasher 2011 Filly Frankie H.
Dig 2010 Filly Rich Citizen
Victoria's Vision 2010 Filly Zoobit
Text It to Me 2011 Filly Sexy Cat
My Sweet Princess 2011 Filly Princess Liam
Celtic Country 2010 Filly One Hot Mama
Twoferdysomewhere 2010 Filly Two for Hebe
Piano Practice 2010 Filly Arpeggio
Zastera 2010 Filly Angellic
Show Me Now 2010 Filly I'm Sadie Two
Touch of Value 2011 Filly Neat Trick
Nittany Valay Cat 2010 Filly Carny Girl
Surprise Bouquet 2011 Filly Pulla Surprise
Lady Bear 2010 Filly Chit Chatter
Bull's Luck 2010 Filly Niblick
Flashy Lass 2010 Filly Dancing Wings (IRE)
Big Blackjack 2009 Gelding Mining Silver
Knight Fighter 2006 Gelding Jousting
Easy Argument 2008 Gelding Palenki
Corvino 2008 Gelding El's Red Cat
Highland Tiger 2010 Gelding Wildcat Annie
Westdale Warrior 2009 Gelding Bunny Lake
Tenth Wave 2008 Gelding Mystical Beauty
Bavaria 2007 Gelding Holiday Lady
Powpowkentuckypow 2011 Gelding Sleek and Powerful
Ballymurphy 2009 Gelding Model Figure
Mast Strike 2010 Gelding Striking Audrey
H W Goodie 2008 Gelding Fappadoon
Momma's Boy 2010 Gelding Bay Citi Girl
Pure Coincidence 2009 Gelding Joyful Encounter
Charmed N Dangerus 2010 Gelding Charm Away
Check in Advance 2006 Gelding Advance Warning
Gunman 2007 Gelding Crown Me
I Am Not Who I Was 2008 Gelding Belleloise
Petraco 2010 Gelding Crystal Beach
Rafe 2008 Gelding Condesa
He's a Bad Boy 2008 Gelding Royal Canyon
Marimba Man 2009 Gelding Marimba Rhythm
Siete Machos 2007 Gelding Biogio's Kids
On Joline 2006 Gelding Jumeirah Glory
Phantom Fury 2009 Gelding Beautiful Vision
Lake Superior 2009 Gelding Summerly
Smart Zapper 2009 Gelding Yearly Attitude
Lawful 2009 Gelding Cat Sucree
Wilco's Rocky 2011 Gelding Don't Tell Bess
Chicago Kid 2010 Gelding Cozy Queen
Crushin Rock 2009 Gelding Shuffle the Deck
Lil Great Touch 2007 Gelding La Belle Clare
Lucky Zip 2008 Gelding Hillary's Charisma
J Double F 2009 Gelding Hat Dancer
M J Winks 2010 Gelding Mollylane
Fashion Boy 2008 Gelding Tizzy Sister
Thane 2010 Gelding Servalina
Just Your Shadow 2010 Gelding Just Breezing
Royal Envoy 2009 Gelding Just Breezing
Consortium 2009 Gelding Marietta
Commanding Lead 2009 Gelding Wavering Wind
Southern Joy 2009 Gelding Peaceful Splendor
Mansart 2011 Gelding Interior Design
Chapel Rock 2009 Gelding Countyourblessings
Bay Eagle 2010 Gelding All Enchanting
Thunder Highway 2007 Gelding Missy Slew
Aricat 2007 Gelding Clogger
Back Alley Tales 2006 Gelding Our Dear Sue
Repent N Receive 2006 Gelding Rated P. G.
Palace Prankster 2007 Gelding Lady Clever Trick
Gretsky 2006 Gelding Tsu Lou
H O's Birthday 2008 Gelding Stormeor
Ben's Hurrah 2008 Gelding Vice Regency
Zatopek 2008 Gelding Cargo
Change Promised 2010 Gelding Shorty's Promise
Menifee Six 2005 Gelding Count to Six
Gone Awesome 2006 Gelding Gone to Venus
Shoe Shine Man 2007 Gelding Summer Semester
King Rush 2003 Gelding Rabiadella
Ferdie's Fellow 2007 Gelding Whata Mind
Easy Exchange 2010 Gelding Smooth Charmer
Tempo Five 2004 Gelding Lively Tempo
Distant Bugle 2008 Gelding Cents Off
Pensylvaniaexpress 2005 Gelding Tigress Express
Seven Blue 2008 Gelding Eileen R
Overextended 2005 Gelding Way of Life
Captain Butler 2010 Gelding Belle South
What Faith Can Do 2009 Gelding Pyrite Majesty
He's Bonafide 2006 Gelding Smog
Superfection 2010 Gelding Supercharger
Too Many Sins 2005 Gelding Too Many Happy
Couldbeaghostrider 2008 Gelding Sporty Girl
Acro's Game 2010 Gelding Pinecreek Rose
Smart Owner 2009 Gelding Proud Owner
Caruso 2004 Gelding Bluestem Meadow
Urban Talk 2010 Gelding Divine Dixie
Grail Seeker 2007 Gelding Skipping Around
Doctor Dinero 2008 Gelding Private Nurse
Star Walk 2008 Gelding Amy's Gold
Sligovitz 2005 Gelding Ms. Deep Pockets
Tanglewood Drive 2009 Gelding Summit Ridge
Five Sheikh's 2010 Gelding Hawk N the Sheikh
Bialystok 2009 Gelding Arrested Dreams
Yukan Do It Too 2007 Gelding Yukan B a Lady Too
Debutante's Dude 2009 Gelding Debutante's Dream
Van Tassel 2009 Gelding Adorahy
Whowhathow 2009 Gelding Form Four
The Steel Warrior 2009 Gelding Fast Lover
Sting Boy 2006 Gelding Su Fama
At the Bell 2010 Gelding Rings a Chime
Rock Solid Arch 2007 Gelding Gambader
Loyal Citizen 2008 Gelding Spinning Hope
Amulet 2010 Gelding Prima Centauri
Shotgun Willis 2006 Gelding Heyam
Mt. Silverstone 2010 Gelding Climbeverymountain
Howells 2010 Gelding Vauxhall
Zavata's Gold 2008 Gelding Speck of Gold
Justaframeofmind 2010 Gelding Unbridled Elaine
Alert Warrior 2009 Gelding Mountain Kitten
Two Trick Tony 2010 Gelding Saluki
Lean and Lanky 2009 Gelding Dawn Till Dust
Wild Gusta 2008 Gelding Me Gusta
The Green Goliath 2010 Gelding Kea Lani
Envy This Bull 2010 Gelding Envy Me
Tyler's Smile 2008 Gelding Bold Perfume
Faster Than Flash 2005 Gelding Trickski
Gold Bitten Tiger 2010 Gelding Sleek Tigress
Meadow Cat 2008 Gelding Meadow Miss
Bruce Alley 2007 Gelding Abbott's Bay
Harley Street 2010 Gelding Purple Princess
Will and Co 2010 Gelding Little Krissy
Come On Over 2005 Gelding Comeon
Repeat Winner 2007 Gelding Ardum Relaunch
Avenues 2010 Gelding A. P. Interest
The Mad Piper 2009 Gelding Appollo North
Sly Spy 2007 Gelding Foxy Mama
The Glitter's Back 2006 Gelding Kitti Glitter
That Kat Glitters 2005 Gelding Kitti Glitter
Xin Xu Lin (BRZ) 2007 Gelding Barbiera (BRZ)
Shipping News 2007 Gelding Camargo (IRE)
Bailout Buddy 2009 Gelding Seinita (ARG)
Linford (GB) 2010 Gelding Lailani (GB)
Lights Out Lidge 2007 Gelding Cervante (AUS)
Tower Mountain 2010 Gelding Towering Palace (GB)
Palidor 2011 Gelding Crimson Palace (SAF)
Redeemer 2010 Gelding Ridge Rose (GB)
Ez Effort 2009 Horse French Debutante
Core Inflation 2009 Horse J's Crafty Cat
Susquehanna U 2009 Horse Irish Ransom
Mam Bird 2007 Horse Acanthus
Heat Shimmer 2009 Horse Miss Mambo
Making Tracks 2007 Horse Miss Fanny
Ferdie's Fast 2007 Horse Biscuits With Ham
Where's My Crown 2009 Horse Sunday's Pleasure
Leawood Teel 2009 Horse Leawood
Terraquant 2008 Horse Healing Touch
Octoraro Kid 2004 Horse Mokhieba's Choice
First Rate 2007 Horse Tionesta
James Street 2007 Horse Alleynedale
Valid Citizen 2005 Horse Stephanie's Wager
Agents Bruce 2009 Horse Secret Lover
Anarko (CHI) 2004 Horse Schehada (CHI)
Tippy Toes 2009 Mare Procure
Feisty Love 2008 Mare Spank Me Silly
Alyphillie 2007 Mare Phillie City
Ennie's Lament 2009 Mare N Square
Before the Dance 2008 Mare Comme Il Faut
Point of Emminence 2009 Mare Her Emminence
Sallee Starr 2009 Mare Jerseys Finest
Whirley Shirley 2008 Mare Edgewater Savior
Trust You 2008 Mare A Plus Plus
Hooray for Yalei 2009 Mare Emerald Sea
Who's Cheating Who 2009 Mare Gambling Green
S W Laurie 2008 Mare S W Brean Rose
Abounding Angel 2009 Mare Jibber Jabber
Whispering Pride 2007 Mare Whisper Escapade
2009 Mare In Extreme
Para Angel 2009 Mare Para Joyce
Speed Zone 2009 Mare Debbie's Assault
Devilofanargument 2008 Mare I'm a Devil Due
Wild Diva 2008 Mare Wildnspectacular
Pretty Gal Too 2007 Mare Amydarling Too
Limelight Lover 2009 Mare Whitewater Maze
Suances Luck 2009 Mare Loni's Appeal
Asama 2008 Mare Top Three
Prayers At Mass 2008 Mare Redskin Rhumba
Talk for Sate 2009 Mare Talkright
Dictate the Terms 2009 Mare Trophy Pride
Martha's Shadow 2008 Mare Pavlova
All Around Fancy 2008 Mare Savannah's Honor
Elite Class 2007 Mare Marshua's World
Sum Diva 2008 Mare Sum Secret
Queen of the Met 2008 Mare She's Nasty
Hebe's Way 2004 Mare Hebe's Halo
Halo's Got Even 2008 Mare Smashing Halo
Taradise 2009 Mare Crossing Over
Moriah Rising 2009 Mare Token's Pride
Her Pride N Joy 2008 Mare Her Testimony
Springinherstep 2008 Mare Seattle Spring
Bella Bertie 2009 Mare Oblivious T.
Whos Hot Now 2007 Mare Flying Stuka
Devious Sister 2009 Mare Doubly Devious
Benny Stay Home 2009 Mare Phone Card
Jaz E Jaz 2008 Mare Keratoid's Chubbs
Phone Minutes 2009 Mare One Ringy Dingy
Spring of Money 2008 Mare Spring Crop
Scenic River 2009 Mare Cross River
She's in Excess 2009 Mare Jellaba's Song
Rosie's Wild Tale 2009 Mare Rose N Angelina
Shamrock's Tune 2009 Mare Belleek
Kain's Vow 2006 Mare Kain's Prize
Playin Hard to Get 2007 Mare Das Prospect
One Thousand Ships 2009 Mare Oh Savanna
Jade Empress 2009 Mare Hunter's Slew
Maribels Graygirl 2004 Mare Little Cayla
Runaway Ruler 2007 Mare Mrs Shilling (GB)